Product Materials

Sterling Silver is a combination of two metals. Pure or fine silver comprises 92.5% of the mixture and the other 7.5% consists of a different metal, usually copper.

To take care of your 925 Sterling Silver jewellery and keep it looking beautiful, consider the following tips:

  • Avoid exposure to harsh chemicals
  • Clean regularly with a polish cloth (provided with every purchase)
  • Remove during certain activities
  • Store it properly


316L Stainless Steel is 100% sweat and waterproof, heat resistant, 10 x stronger than gold-plated jewellery and perfume/lotion safe.

We use the highest grade 316L stainless steel which is a highly durable, recyclable metal. Its properties mean that it does not oxidise or rust, is hypoallergenic, doesn't scratch easily and will not tarnish.